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2017年11月21日 星期二

香港迪士尼樂園「香港人 多 D Fun」得獎結果將於明日公佈丨Results to be announced tomorrow for “More Disney Fun for Everyone in HK” Lucky Draw


「香港人 多D Fun」大抽獎活動 得獎結果將於明日公佈

Thank you to nearly 1 million enrollees for your exceptional response!

Results to be announced tomorrow for
“More Disney Fun for Everyone in HK” Lucky Draw

       香港迪士尼樂園度假區 將於明日(即 2017年11月22日)公佈「香港人 多D Fun」大抽獎活動的 得獎結果,活動反應非常熱烈,有近100萬名香港人在10日登記期內參加。是次活動將免費送出合共 50,000張 香港迪士尼樂園 一日標準門票。

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) will announce tomorrow, November 22, winners of the 50,000 tickets tol be given away in the “More Disney Fun for Everyone in HK” lucky draw exclusively for Hong Kong residents. Response to the lucky draw was exceptional with almost 1 million residents registered during the 10-day enrollment period.

        香港迪士尼樂園度假區 行政總裁 劉永基 感謝香港人的支持,他連同 香港迪士尼樂園度假區傳訊及公共事務副總裁 蔡少綿,由 米奇老鼠 陪同,主持電腦隨機抽獎。

Samuel Lau, executive vice president and managing director of HKDL, gave thanks for all the support from Hongkongers. He was accompanied by Linda Choy, vice president of Communications and Public Affairs, and Mickey Mouse, as he officiated the lucky draw by random selection.

        劉永基 表示:「樂園於2018年已預備好連串精彩季節性特備節目,全年將無間為賓客帶來奇妙體驗。我們熱切期待接待今次得奬的幸運兒!」

Lau said, “HKDL will roll out a series of spectacular  seasonal events in 2018, bringing year round, non- stop magical experience to our guests. We look  forward to welcoming winners of the lucky draw to the park!”

        每位成功登記的參加者都已獲發登記確認號碼。參加者可透過以下網址: 查看結果。如果參加者的登記確認號碼出現於得獎名單之中,即是贏得 香港迪士尼樂園 一日標準門票。得獎者同時亦會收到電郵通知得獎。

Each successful enrollee was issued a Reference Number. The results will be posted on the following website: If a Reference Number is found on the  results list, the person associated with that number is a winner and can redeem a one-day, date- stamped ticket to HKDL. The winners will also receive a winning notice via email.

        今次大抽獎是香港人的專享禮遇,一起慶祝香港迪士尼展開新擴展計劃。每位得獎者可獲贈 一張 免費門票,在2018年內的一個指定月份,自行選擇任何一天親身前往 香港迪士尼樂園 正門售票處,憑中獎通知書、登記編號及有效的個人身份證明文件,換領獎品門票。

This is an exclusive event for Hongkongers in celebration of the resort’s new multi-year expansion. Winners can redeem a one-day, date-stamped ticket at ticket booths at the Main Entrance of the park within a designated month in 2018 and visit the park on the same day of redemption.  Redemption must be made by the winner in person and after presenting the winning notice and valid identification, along with any other information required for verification purposes.

        2018年將會是全天候滿fun歡樂的一年,香港迪士尼樂園 已經為您準備連串精彩特別節目,橫跨四季,讓賓客享受樂園獨有的奇妙時刻。

Apart from the lucky draw, there is lots of magic awaiting guests at HKDL! With many seasonal events and special offerings on the way in 2018, guests can enjoy unlimited magical moments guests by visiting the resort year-round!

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