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2017年11月28日 星期二

全新「公主皇室庭園」(“Royal Princess Garden”)將於 2017年12月 華麗開幕


The brand-new Royal Princess Garden will be opening on December 14, 2017 at Hong Kong Disneyland, and guests can enter an exquisitely-themed garden area to enjoy dream-come-true meetings with beloved Disney Princesses.

        庭園內設有 香港迪士尼樂園 首間「魔法化妝廳」,備有8款不同造型的迪士尼公主禮服、閃亮奪目的化妝組合和精美飾物,助賓客化身魅力非凡的小公主。可供選擇的公主禮服包括 愛莎女皇、安娜公主、白雪公主、睡公主、貝兒灰姑娘、長髮公主樂佩蘇菲亞公主。

Royal Princess Garden will also feature the park’s first Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, a magical beauty salon where children are magically transformed into princesses complete with hairstyling, makeup and a Disney Princess costume of their choosing, including Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Sofia the First. After their regal makeover, little princesses can commemorate their unforgettable moment with a souvenir photo.

~ 「魔法化妝廳」服務 ~
~ “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique” Packages ~

The Crown Package

皇冠系列價值 港幣 $980,包括:
● 公主禮服
● 髮型設計
● 皇冠
● 飾帶
● 閃爍化妝
● 手部美甲
● 8 x 10吋精美照片連數碼照片下載乙張,隨相附送精美相片封套乙個

The Crown Package costs HK $980 and features:
• Disney Princess costume
• Hair styling
• Crown
• Sash
• Shimmering make-up
• Manicure
• 8” x 10” photo & digital download with premium photo folder

The Castle Package

城堡系列價值 港幣 $1,980,包括:
● 公主禮服
● 髮型設計
● 服裝
● 皇冠
● 飾帶
● 權杖
● 指環套裝
● 閃爍化妝及化妝套裝
● 手部美甲
● 8 x 10吋精美照片連數碼照片下載乙張,隨相附送精美相片封套乙個

The Castle Package costs HK $1,980 and features:
• Disney Princess costume
• Hair styling
• Costume
• Crown
• Sash
• Wand
• Ringset
• Shimmering make-up & Cosmetic Palette
• Manicure
• 8” x 10” photo & digital download with premium photo folder

~ 製作個人化奇妙童話冊 ~
~ Make your own Enchanted Storybook ~


An all-new personalized imaging service will turn young guests into the main characters of their very own Enchanted Storybook. The special moments from their experiences as a princess will be preserved forever in this unique memento.

奇妙童話冊價值 港幣 $1,980,可自選以下迪士尼公主及故事:
● 《魔雪奇緣》愛莎女皇
● 《魔雪奇緣》安娜公主
● 《白雪公主》白雪公主
● 《睡公主》睡公主
● 《灰姑娘》灰姑娘
● 《魔髮奇緣》長髮公主 樂佩

Enchanted Storybook cost HK $1,980. Choice of characters and stories:
● Queen Elsa in “Frozen”
● Princess Anna in “Frozen”
● Snow White in “Snow White”
● Sleeping Beauty in “Sleeping Beauty”
● Cinderella in “Cinderella”
● Rapunzel in “Tangled”

● 繁體中文 與 英文

Language for the Enchanted Storybook:
• Traditional Chinese and English

香港迪士尼樂園度假區熱線 +852 3550-3388

To order or inquire:
• Hong Kong Disneyland Website
• Hong Kong Disneyland Resort hotline: +852 3550-3388

備註:製作時間為 14個工作天
Remark: A total of 14 working days are required for production

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