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2017年12月8日 星期五

香港迪士尼樂園(Hong Kong Disneyland)公佈 城堡華麗變身 創作概念



向迪士尼公主致敬 呈現香港國際多元特色

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort reveals creative concepts of castle transformation

Grander park centerpiece to transform the experience at the Castle Hub,
delighting and entertaining guests both day and night at Hong Kong Disneyland

Transformed castle pays tribute to Disney princesses and
reflects the cosmopolitan character of Hong Kong

       香港迪士尼樂園度假區 於今天率先公佈 城堡華麗變身 的創作概念。完成變身後的城堡,將完美融合啟發自不同時代及文化的風格的迪士尼公主故事,並同時向迪士尼公主致敬。配合嶄新的日間及夜間不同的精彩表演節目,將全面提升賓客的娛樂新體驗。

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort today revealed creative details about the upcoming castle transformation — an important part of the park’s ongoing multi-year expansion plan. The transformed castle will feature a seamless blend of styles inspired by different times and cultures, while paying tribute to Disney Princess stories. The transformed castle will also take the park’s entertainment to new heights with both a new daytime show and nighttime spectacular.

       全新城堡的設計靈感來自不同的時代和文化,以及 不同童話故事的背景和風格。同時,設計靈感亦來自 13 位深受喜愛的迪士尼公主故事,包括白雪公主、灰姑娘、愛洛公主、艾 利奧、貝兒、茉莉公主、寶嘉康蒂、花木蘭、蒂安娜公主、長髮公主樂佩、梅莉達公主、 慕安娜、安娜公主 及 愛莎女皇。迪士尼公主來自世界各地,近至亞洲,遠至歐洲、中東以外等,藉遠大夢想和無比勇氣連繫在一起。

The design of the transformed castle will take inspiration from different times and cultures, as well as a variety of storybook influences and styles. The castle’s features will also be inspired by 13 much-loved Disney Princess stories based on Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Moana and Anna and Elsa. Coming from the far reaches of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and beyond, the Disney Princesses are a diverse group unified by their big dreams and courageous hearts.


From the new castle moat and hub area, guests will be able to spot princess finial decorations on some spires, such as Snow White’s apple, Cinderella’s coach and Belle’s rose, as well as princess-inspired designs and decorations throughout the castle.


To add even more magic and fantasy, the transformed castle area will include original artwork, unique sculptures and designs waiting for guests to find and enjoy. As part of the castle transformation, guests can visit the all-new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which is a magical salon where fairy-godmothers-in-training turn young guests into princesses with makeovers, hairstyling and special outfits. At the transformed castle, guests can also meet different Disney Princesses at different times.


There will also be a new outdoor stage where HKDL’s daytime show and nighttime spectacular will be held. Both of these new shows will feature awe-inspiring entertainment experiences, and be special moments for friends and loved ones to enjoy together.

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